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Are you on a spiritual path of evolvement and learning? Would you like help to clear out old patterns that keep you in limiting behaviours and responses? Would you like to learn tools that can help you take self responsibility for everything you do. It is my aim to help clients dig deep into the psyche to really learn where your power and energy go on a daily basis. Lots of people call themselves spiritual seekers or light workers and enjoy lots of wonderful activities such as channeling energy and healing however at some level you do have to look at and take responsibility for your shadow side. This is not about blame or judgement, its just fact, if you want to really evolve your soul its important to clear and process this side of ourselves as much as possible. Now facing your shadow side doesn't have to mean a dark night of the soul, infact it can be very educational and rewarding and with the right tools it can be fairly easy. 

What can be considered a block to spiritual evolvement?

Anything that is of an energetic level ie, if you cut your physical body open you wouldn't find a broken heart but you can feel it on a physical level, anything that causes you to go into defense mode..ie road rage, someone triggering you and you just cant control your reaction, self imposed beliefs and safety restrictions, the things that wake you up at night, the illusions and lies we tell ourselves, any self esteem issues and anything that holds you in the past.

Spiritual Health Coaching is:

  • Working with you to increase your health Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally 
  • Working together to create goals for better  spiritual health on all levels
  • Supporting you to make the changes/create new routines
  • Teaching you techniques to use for yourself




    WORKING WITH YOUR SHADOW SIDES 16TH MARCH 2019Come and release anything that is causing you to lose power including trauma, shame, fear, lies, humiliation to name a few. We will be working in non judgement, honesty and with a sense of humour and forgiveness. We will clear as much as possible and teach you the tools to continue on with this important work £75.00 including manual and pre workshop audio MINDFUL TAPPING WORK SHOP FOR INCREASING YOUR CONNECTION TO YOUR GUIDANCE  AND I...  Read More...

  • Modern Energy Coaching

    I am very happy to announce I have just completed the training in Modern Energy Coaching and I am very much looking forward to sharing the latest techniques available to help people with Health issues on an emotional, Mental and spiritual level. I will be teaching these techniques as a way to survive long term health issues and chronic health conditions and the impact it has on us    Read More...

  • Happy New year

    Happy New Year...Lets work together to make 2018 great  If there are things you would like to change so you can have a happier more content or exciting 2018, then look no further.  As well as being trained in Goal setting I combine various techniques to clear out any blocks that have been holding you back.  So whether you want to start this year healthier or you want to learn how to sort out stress Get in touch and find out how.   Read More...

  • New Training dates

    NEW TRAINING DATES FOR AUTUMN. LEARN A NEW SKILLPlease check out the Events page for full details of new training dates, if you would like to do a training but can't make the date do let me know as I can offer one to one trainings or if I am about to list another training we can work out a date suitableTrainings coming upModern Stress Management ProfessionalModern Stress Management foundationEnergy EFT Foundation Energy EFT Master practitionerWorking with the divine transformational ray...  Read More...

  • Post Birth Trauma/Miscarriage support

    Birth Trauma and MiscarriageIt's a sad fact that most Mum's and Dad's don't realise that you don't have to just try and deal with your feelings around these areas alone. If you have suffered a miscarriage or had what you feel is a negative birth experience then help is at hand. We all know that time is a great healer however you may need support if you are experiencing symptoms such as the ones listed below:Blocking out memories of the event, Flashbacks, Negative feelings to ...  Read More...


    HALF TERM HELP FOR CHILDREN AND TEENS****If your child is suffering from exam stress, bullying, low self esteem, lack of confidence, sports/creative performance or problems sleeping why not book them in for a session in which we will utilise the fun aspects of tapping to empower them, help them feel calm , in control and more confident.Emotional and Mental health in children is an important subject that can sometimes get brushed under the carpet as a child playing up or misbehaving in some way. ...  Read More...

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