Welcome to Godalming Hypnotherapy and Coaching the Home of Stress Resolution and Health Coaching 

Is stress getting you down, do you need help to find ways to manage your stress level that you can use for yourself? At Godalming Hypnotherapy and Coaching we use a range of technologies to ensure that a problem is dismantled completely. In therapeutic terms the definition of a problem is something that is an issue to you, or stops you creating the life you want. It is our aim to empower clients by using techniques that can be learnt within the sessions so you can get back in control as soon as possible. We cover Godalming, Guildford, Woking, Bramley, Milford, Cranleigh, Witley and Chiddingfold as well as working further a field and internationally. Sessions for Stress Management can be done in person or on media such as skype, Zoom or even Facebook. Kelly is an expert in helping people who are suffering one or many of the debilitating symptoms of stress and is a certified trainer in Modern Stress Management that utilises all the latest techniques to help you live a stress free life. As well as sessions for the individual Kelly also offers a range of Stress Management courses at her home in Godalming or for business/corporate clients by arrangement.

What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is:

  • Working with you to increase your health both Mentally and Emotionally
  • Working together to create goals for better health on all levels
  • Supporting you to make the changes
  • Teaching you techniques to use for yourself

Who can Health Coaching help?

  • Anyone who is suffering Stress or their related symptoms
  • Anyone who is suffering a long term or chronic health condition who would like support
  • Anyone who just wants to feel Better, Happier and Healthier 
  • Companies who want to improve the mental and emotional health of their staff
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  • Modern Energy Coaching

    I am very happy to announce I have just completed the training in Modern Energy Coaching and I am very much looking forward to sharing the latest techniques available to help people with Health issues on an emotional, Mental and spiritual level. I will be teaching these techniques as a way to survive long term health issues and chronic health conditions and the impact it has on us    Read More...

  • Happy New year

    Happy New Year...Lets work together to make 2018 great  If there are things you would like to change so you can have a happier more content or exciting 2018, then look no further.  As well as being trained in Goal setting I combine various techniques to clear out any blocks that have been holding you back.  So whether you want to start this year healthier or you want to learn how to sort out stress Get in touch and find out how.   Read More...

  • New Training dates

    NEW TRAINING DATES FOR AUTUMN. LEARN A NEW SKILLPlease check out the Events page for full details of new training dates, if you would like to do a training but can't make the date do let me know as I can offer one to one trainings or if I am about to list another training we can work out a date suitableTrainings coming upModern Stress Management ProfessionalModern Stress Management foundationEnergy EFT Foundation Energy EFT Master practitionerWorking with the divine transformational ray...  Read More...

  • Post Birth Trauma/Miscarriage support

    Birth Trauma and MiscarriageIt's a sad fact that most Mum's and Dad's don't realise that you don't have to just try and deal with your feelings around these areas alone. If you have suffered a miscarriage or had what you feel is a negative birth experience then help is at hand. We all know that time is a great healer however you may need support if you are experiencing symptoms such as the ones listed below:Blocking out memories of the event, Flashbacks, Negative feelings to ...  Read More...


    HALF TERM HELP FOR CHILDREN AND TEENS****If your child is suffering from exam stress, bullying, low self esteem, lack of confidence, sports/creative performance or problems sleeping why not book them in for a session in which we will utilise the fun aspects of tapping to empower them, help them feel calm , in control and more confident.Emotional and Mental health in children is an important subject that can sometimes get brushed under the carpet as a child playing up or misbehaving in some way. ...  Read More...


    ***SLEEP SURGERY*** Do you have issues with getting off to sleep or staying asleep through the night? Would you like to have beautiful calm nights of deep restful sleep? Godalming Hypnotherapy can help you with our new sleep surgery sessions.   Read More...

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